Choco, the visionary behind Le J Jewelry, has always been inspired by the way personal style and accessories can be used as a form of self-expression. Despite studying accounting in college, Choco simply couldn’t resist the allure of fashion.


Through savvy use of social media, Choco began to share her unique point of view and chic aesthetic with her followers. As Choco developed and refined the creative vision for a stylish jewelry brand. It became clear that Choco’s fashion and design instincts combined with her husband’s business acumen was a perfect match. On Choco and Alan’s fifth wedding anniversary, Le J Jewelry was officially born. Just like true love, Le J was meant to be.




Le J Jewelry is all about fashion and individual expression. Whether you’re wearing an eye-catching gown to a special Sunday brunch or traveling to the far flung locale you’ve always dreamed of, Le J Jewelry will be there with you. Mix and match Le J with all of your favorite looks to add essential touches of style and sophistication.










Each Le J piece is highly-durable and made from quality materials sourced from industry leaders. Le J Jewelry is meant to last in your wardrobe for many years to come.